Ex-Ferrari team boss says Max Verstappen is as aggressive as Michael Schumacher

Jean Todt believes 2021 world champion Max Verstappen is as aggressive and determined as Michael Schumacher.

During his illustrious F1 career which spanned around 19 years, Michael Schumacher won 7 world championship titles and became one of the sport’s greatest drivers.

However, Schumacher’s success did not come without his criticism and critics often called his racing style “dirty”.

There are two particular moments in Schumacher’s career that fans despise. The first is the underhanded tactics he used to aggressively defend against Jacques Villeneuve at Jerez in 1997.

Second, when the German legend deliberately stalled during qualifying for the Monaco GP in 2006. Schumacher allegedly damaged his rivals’ qualifying laps by pretending to lose control.

Similarly, looking at how Max Verstappen rose to prominence, the former Ferrari team boss said the Dutchman was just as aggressive and determined as the German legend.

Todt said: “Michael off the track is a wonderful person. I don’t know about Max, I can’t say. Now I see him all focused on the race, and rightly so.

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Michael Schumacher’s family relies on close friends

Schumacher faced a terrible fate in 2013 when he met with a tragic skiing accident. Since then, the German legend has been in a vegetable state with his family. His family are keeping updates on the legend’s health on a private matter and within a close circle of friends.

Todt, who is one of the Schumacher family’s inner circle friends, revealed how the seven-time world champion’s family are coping with their health and the situation around them.

“The important thing is that there is the closeness of friends. And the Keep Fighting foundation. These are things that are part of life and they are more important than results and our dear races. The life, for everyone, is not just about racing,” Todt said.

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