How Benny Afroe and Singah are using playlists to reach fans across continents

Two Afropop artists are using intercontinental marketing to expand their audience and streams. It’s a smart strategy that more artists need to explore.

by Music of Horus

Emerging African artists ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Moon Boy’ AKA Benny Afroe and Singapore collaborated on the recent track ‘You know‘, released in early July 2022. Seeking marketing support from Horus Music Nigeria, the Afropop love song has secured playlist placement on several editorial playlists across major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Boomplay.

South African-born musician and fashion icon Benny Afroe signed with Custom Music Tools Nigeria in February 2022, already a frequent collaborator within the industry with artists such as Pabi Cooper, King Monada and Ami Faku. Nigerian native Singah burst onto the scene in 2018 with his debut single “Teyamo”, securing over 150 million streams on digital platforms. Signing with Custom Music Tools Nigeria in October 2021, Singah received a cash advance from Horus Music, propelling his career forward and allowing him to further increase the reach of his music across the globe.

Encouraged and guided by our Horus Music Nigeria team, Benny Afroe and Singah were introduced through our AFTS (Affordable For The Sector) service provided exclusively to African clients. The collaboration allowed the artists to market their music brand across Nigeria and South Africa, while expanding their reach through each other’s fan base.

A clever mix of Afropop and Afrobeats, “You Know” is a love song whose lyrics focus on themes of reassurance within a relationship; “It’s about reassuring your loved one, that you still love them and still care about them. Trying to make them feel as safe as they did when they started,” Benny Afroe adds. out of Africa through relevant thematic discussions and catchy vocal patterns, “You Know” infuses the traditional timbres of Sepedi music and Afro Beat, intertwined with modern production to create a new interpretation of melodies much appreciated.

Noting the track’s global appeal, Horus Music’s teams in Nigeria, the UK, Brazil and India used their contacts to pitch editorial curators to major DSPs, landing editorial placement on release day on a multitude of major playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and Boomplay. ; including entering the Boomplay charts on ‘Hot Picks of the week By Stake’ and ‘Top Afropop & Afropop Songs’.


Apple Music:

Boomplay music:

  • Territory – Ghana:
  • Territory – Kenya:
  • Territory: Nigeria

After only a week of the track being released in stores, the active cross-continental marketing approach resulted in the track gaining over 6,000 streams on Spotify with top listeners in European countries, the Netherlands, France and France. Germany. Apple Music saw 2,440 streams appealing to audiences in Africa, the Middle East and India, while Boomplay established itself as a top performer with 12,7000 streams across Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania .

Through the power of collaboration, a longer lead time and an active approach to global marketing, Singah and Benny Afroe have achieved major success for ‘You Know’ in multiple territories that previously could seem forbidden to rising African stars. .

Horus Music takes an active approach to advancing the careers of our artists, breaking down barriers for independent artists in all territories and actively seeing opportunities for the artists we work with. To see how we can help you, why not get in touch with our team to discuss marketing opportunities for your next release today!Previous

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