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Zac Efron is no longer the singing, dancing, and slightly boring Disney kid he once was.

Growing up in his own sense of style over the years, the 28-year-old actor is now one of Hollywood’s go-to playboy stars with a classic (aka clean) ’70s look to boot. Her wardrobe, however, is anything but dated. Efron straddles the fine line between childish charm and a rising gentleman with absolute ease.

Gone are the days of loose hair, now replaced by a perfect perfect quiff, abs and wavy arms that cut a slim figure in any tailored suit.

As he grows manly and takes on more and more comedic roles, we’re going to show you some of his best looks from his short career. How to get Zac Efron’s style; it’s not something we thought we could ever say.

Break it

The beauty of Efron’s manual gives him a diverse wardrobe that he often pulls off without a hitch. Its style is by no means experimental or revolutionary, but it’s a good, clear chord between the elements that makes the set a winner. Four key looks define Efron’s style portfolio.

His most notable being the classic gray suit in various iterations such as plaid, tweed, and three-piece. To continue, Efron likes to layer during the cooler seasons and does so with a good dose of style, often combining different textures. The modern playboy look is reminiscent of his younger years and gives off a look worthy of a seasoned pop star. In other words, super skinny denim.

The Weekend Warrior is where Efron goes wild, channeling a summery vibe, a cool traveler, or a dapper off-duty vibe. School is definitely over.

Gray for days


Efron has walked through many events on the red carpet and one thing you’ll notice is his affinity for the classic gray suit. You’ll often find it in a three-piece set for a more 60s American look (think Mad Men), completed with a modern twist like a thin black tie or lapel buttonhole. Whatever he chooses, it’s still an extremely clean look in monochrome.

To achieve this, adapting to an ultra slim fit is essential. It’s a youthful take on classic costume and it’s masterfully performed by Efron. Keep in mind that body shape also plays a vital role in this particular look. If you’re a tall man, keep the slim fit unless you want to look like a dapper version of the Michelin Man. Thinner men are best suited for this look.

The diaper killer

lying down

Efron made a name for himself as a killer in the overlay game. Out on the streets during the colder seasons, Efron likes to pair leather coats and jackets with a hint of the western. This means denim or chinos in khaki or navy blue, leather boots and casual button down shirts.

Between outerwear and shirts, Efron scores his points, pairing contrasting puffer jackets and scarves to give her outfit a little more depth.

The Modern Playboy


This is one of Efron’s classic looks that comes from his youth as a teen idol. It’s not as hair-raising as it used to be, but skinny jeans dominate the looks in this category.

Efron often pairs his skinny jeans with black leather boots or black high top sneakers. Moving on to tops, Efron is changing the game with a men’s collection of clean clothing that ranges from a simple t-shirt and short-sleeved denim shirt to a varsity jacket on white. Either way, it’s still fitted close to the body. You will rarely find him in a loose room that does not show the lines of his body.

It’s the perfect look for the modern playboy who knows how to keep it simple.

The weekend warrior


Our latest Efron look is dressed especially for the weekend. This is Efron in its most relaxed form and offers three key styles. When it comes to travel, Efron goes for comfort in a green bomber jacket paired with a striped dress shirt and chinos. It’s simple, and that’s exactly the point. You are on a plane for hours after all. And it’s definitely a cut above rocking your pajamas through the airport.

Switching to a more upscale weekend look, Efron chooses loafers over dress shoes with laces and paired them with chinos and a white shirt. The key here? Loosen this tie, roll up the sleeves and get the perfect TGIF look that commands both style and relaxation.

Finally, channeling the summer beach vibe is something Efron can achieve without thinking about it (he’s in the Baywatch remake). He does this with colorful chinos, a blue polka-dot shirt and matching blue laces. It’s a bolder move that’s designed to get you seen wherever you are.

Now who said teen stars can’t break the mold?

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