Is Kristen Stewart pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s baby?


No damn! They aren’t supposed to have sex until the last tome! DUH! Like, everyone in the world of “Twilight” knows that Bella and Edward don’t do the dirty until “Breaking Dawn!”

But if an Australian celebrity tabloid is right – and we know how perfect those tabs usually are – not only did Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson do it, but she’s pregnant with her child.

New York Daily News reported that an “insider” quoted by the Australian New Weekly said that Stewart was, uh, late, and “she obviously started to think she might be pregnant. And because of the timing, she thinks Rob might be father.The tabloid also reported that Stewart asked a friend to buy him a home pregnancy test.

The review too reported that Stewart is getting hate messages from fans because she has an “official” boyfriend named Michael Angarano.

It’s important to note that neither Stewart, Pattison, nor any of their spokespersons have ever publicly declared, at any time, ever, that the two are romantic with each other.

Moreover, there is no evidence that anything in this story is true. But you can’t have enough, can you?

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