Marker Trax Partners with Digital Wallet Solution Koin to Improve the Digital Payment Experience for Gaming Customers and Operators

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LAS VEGAS (September 7, 2022) – Las Vegas-based Marker Trax, LLC and its subsidiary Koin Mobile today announced the launch of Koin, a self-contained gambling financial wallet platform that dramatically improves convenience and reduces costs for gaming customers and operators alike.

Koin, partnered with Marker Trax, fulfills their shared mission of creating a seamless and convenient digital marker experience. The new Koin solutions allow customers to use a single digital wallet for all of their gaming, resort and general retail purchases.

“Guests want the convenience of a single digital payment solution that they can fund any way they want, 24/7, and use it seamlessly throughout their resort experience. while operators love the ability to track spend, optimize brand loyalty, reduce operating costs and drive increased play Marker Trax with Koin addresses all of these goals head-on,” said Charlie Skinner, COO of Marker Trax.

Customers registered with Koin can use a single digital wallet for all their purchases at the resort, including games, food and drink, accommodation and retail. Operators, in turn, will see the benefits of reduced overhead in customer loyalty programs, increased spending and increased play with better systems to track customer behavior across the board. entire station.

“This is a mutually beneficial innovation for all parties, and we’re excited to know where this will take the game as the industry continues to embrace broader digital and payment technologies,” said Gary Larkin, Director of Koin’s strategy.

Marker Trax is currently active in commercial and tribal casinos across the United States, including some of the largest resorts in the country. It is a digital alternative to traditional casino markers. This dramatically increases convenience for customers, while making it easier for operators to manage signup and refunds, ensuring money stays in the casino by tracking the marker in a digital account and automatically collecting funds at the end of each game session.

Available with integrated Marker Trax functionality or as a standalone payment solution, Koin integrates with any existing casino technology, without requiring major system upgrades. It allows customers to track, manage and control both gaming and retail spending, and has a digital “wallet” that can be used across an entire resort, including all locations gaming and retail. Customers can also choose to add a debit card to their Koin wallet, offering expanded payment options through millions of retailers.

For customers, this integration improves convenience, eliminating the need to pre-fund an outside betting account or pay costly ATM or cash advance fees. With Koin and Marker Trax, a customer can bet using their own funds or take advantage of Marker Trax’s unique credit solution for games. Through the Koin Wallet, customers can simply play their favorite games, enjoy their favorite restaurants in the resort, pay for their hotel stay, or shop at participating outlets, settling transactions through their digital wallet. Koin.

Operators will also benefit from this new partnership. Cash management has always been a costly hurdle for operators interested in using this emerging technology. The migration to more digital betting significantly reduces operating costs, and Marker Trax with Koin allows operators to track player play and other spending across the resort, increasing play growth while supporting more player-centric loyalty programs and stronger brand-building opportunities, with minimal upfront. spent.

The Marker Trax and Koin integration will debut at October’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, before officially launching to the public later this year, from the Ellis Island Hotel & Casino in Vegas.

“This is a transformative time for our businesses and for the game as a whole, and we are confident that Koin and Marker Trax will play a leading role in this evolution, just as Marker Trax has done so far. “said Gary Ellis, Founder and CEO. of Marker Trax.

The announcement follows the company’s signing of a definitive agreement with Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) in March, significantly increasing the scale of its operations. Kevin Caponecchi, Euronet’s Executive Vice President and CEO for epay, Software and EFT, Asia Pacific Division, explained his company’s involvement saying, “Watching the rapid adoption of the Marker Trax solution has been very exciting. , and we are even more excited to be an invested player in their future success.

About Marker Trax, LLC

Marker Trax is a cashless digital alternative to a casino marker. The product is the first of its kind to offer regulatory-compliant casino marker technology that eliminates the inefficiency of issuing advances and provides casinos with the tools to manage their casino credit underwriting and repayments. Developed and patented by company founder Gary Ellis in 2018, Marker Trax provides a more efficient gaming experience for gamers. The Marker Trax system allows players to be marked and have access to their markers in minutes. Marker Trax integrates with casino operating systems, making it easy to start and track players. More information about Marker Trax can be found on the company’s website at

About Koin Mobile, LLC.

Koin is a full-service financial wallet and integrated payment solution that provides a seamless customer experience, from funding to withdrawal, and a complete payment solution that delivers to both resort operators and consumers. Operating as a fully integrated feature of a resort’s existing technology structure, Koin requires no tedious technology upgrades for implementation and is a secure and cost-effective payment process. PCI compliant and FDIC insured, Koin is a complete cashless solution that works for customers the way they want, anywhere and anytime. More information is available on the company’s website at

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