Mazepin: if dad buys an F1 team, he will turn it into gold



Nikita Mazepin revealed over the Russian Grand Prix weekend that her father could buy a Formula 1 team and, if he does, he believes Dmitry has the Midas touch to make the business a success.

Mazepin senior, worth $ 1.4 billion according to Forbes, has been looking for an F1 team for a few years. When Vijay Mallya’s Force India traveled south, he made an offer for the team, but lost to Lawrence Stroll’s consortium, leading the Canadian billionaire to buy the team and transform it. in Racing Point.

At the time, Mazepin was also in contention but lost to Stroll, whereupon the Russian took the case to court citing a “flawed sales process” which came to nothing because since then Racing Point has transformed into Aston Martin and the rest. is history.

However, Dmitry’s name tends to pop up when F1 teams are up for sale.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag, Mazepin referred to the long-standing rumor: “It would be an interesting option for him. Everything he starts he turns to gold. But I am very loyal to Haas. So if he were to buy one, it would be exciting to see how they duel and hopefully beat him.

As for driving for his father’s team, Mazepin said: “I wouldn’t rule it out. I’m currently on a team that’s tenth out of ten in the constructors’ championship and I stay with them, I want to be successful with Haas.

If Mazepin senior does buy a team, Haas is his best bet. As the owner, Gene Haas seems vaguely interested in the business, despite public relations snippets to the contrary, leaving F1 team issues with Guenther Steiner to resolve and ensure the project survives year after year. , which he hardly does.

If the sale goes ahead, expect Nikita to be a driver as he is funded by petrochemical giant Uralkali, of which his father is the majority shareholder. Without this support, the 22-year-old wouldn’t be in F1 and without his father’s business money.

But Nikita sees it differently: “I have my place because I am a racing driver and the team considers me an asset. The reason for the sponsorship is that the company sees F1 as an opportunity for new business. I am the only Russian driver and of course a Russian company will always want to invest in a team that has a compatriot.

While many may lament his presence on the F1 grid, to the detriment of talented drivers who lack the funding to be in the top flight, Mazepin only had to prove himself against fellow rookie Mick Schumacher, and at this it is fair to say he failed, blaming a heavier car for its woes and misadventures, of which there have been many.

However, there have been flashes of excellence – with a lighter car since the Belgian Grand Prix – as evidenced by our racing statistics guru Kevin Merlo who calculated, after the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday in Sochi: “Mazepin handled the start very well. He passed Gasly and held him for two laps. Held 13th for two laps, 14th the following 16th before falling back into a 31-lap fight with his teammate.

Nonetheless, the consensus in the paddock is that the Russian can be too aggressive and brash in the cockpit, but of course he denies the suggestion: “I have a good feeling for the limits of a car. Some pilots are too easy to overtake because they don’t overstep the limits. I take every opportunity to get the best possible result. Without breaking the rules, of course.

“This is how I have driven since the days of karting. It was never easy to pass me, even when I was in the slowest car. We live in a world where we fight for milliseconds, where you have to exhaust all possibilities. I’m only here to work and drive as fast as possible and I always want to be the first, ”said like a real racing driver.

With a terribly uncompetitive Haas package at their disposal, the two rookies received no favors. They have only one stallion, and invariably get tangled up in their own bitter struggle not to finish last in qualifying and the race, with collisions and a few tricky moments on the track leading to disagreements between the two camps.

But Mazepin said his relationship with his Schumacher was as he “expected” and added: “We are teammates who both want to be the leaders of the team. He won’t accept that he’s number two and neither will I. I want to beat him on the track like any other driver.

“This is how we push each other to perform better. We respect each other and for me, there are two Micks: off piste, I like him and as he is. We are the same age, we are ambitious and talented. If he needed help, I would always try to support him.

The two drivers will stay with Haas for 2022, when a new set of regulations come into effect with the primary focus of leveling the lopsided F1 playing field where Haas sits at the very bottom of the incline.

“Mick deserves 110% of his place in Formula 1,” Mazepin insisted. “As far as I know, there was no other option for him. The same is true of me.

“We’re both fast. I want to fight with him and motivate each other. I know I have to train to follow him because he does it every day. We cannot relax, otherwise we will be left behind.

Mazepin has previously said that Mick’s father Michael Schumacher is one of his heroes and even wears bright red on his helmet as a tribute to the German F1 legend.

“Mick comes from a very talented family. The things her father Michael was so good at can also be seen in Mick. It’s an honor to drive with him, I watch carefully what he does well and try to do it even better.

Meanwhile, Mazepin is still a student, a dovetail college with his busy F1 schedule.

“Despite motorsport, my father made me continue my studies,” Nikita explained. “I am currently the only driver still studying alongside. I finished my baccalaureate during the week.

“Now I will start my masters. My life will not really begin until after Formula 1. I am convinced that one day you will see me running a great company.

The words of a self-confident young man, overflowing with confidence, but with a few serious boxes to tick in his life plan:

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