McMaster University launches COVID-19 funds for students and researchers


McMaster University has launched two COVID-19 funds – one to help students and another to support research – and is pledging to match the first $ 100,000 raised for both initiatives.

The Student Aid Fund will provide food and shelter for vulnerable students, offer assistance to students caring for dependents, provide emergency scholarships to students, and assist those studying at home. foreigner.

The McCall MacBain Foundation, founded by McMaster alumnus Marcy McCall MacBain and her husband John McCall MacBain, also pledged to match the first $ 100,000 in donations. As of Friday afternoon, about 100 donors had raised over $ 20,000, which, including the matched amounts, actually amounts to $ 60,000.

The research fund has brought in over $ 7,500 which, including the matched amounts, actually exceeds $ 15,000. This follows a decision by Charles and Margaret Juravinski to immediately release a Advance of $ 3.3 million to speed up research on COVID-19.

The school should also lead two major clinical trials who could help find a cure for the virus.

Student debt will be credited or reimbursed

The novel coronavirus has also forced the campus to close and classes to move online, resulting in some refunds.

The university will apply credits to any debt in a student’s account or have the funds contribute towards future tuition fees, but students can request a refund.

Students who prepaid for on-campus parking get expense reimbursement as the school waived athletic and recreational activity fees for classes that run from May to August and canceled his summer camp.

The university has also updated its refund policy to all residence students who moved between March 13 and March 21 after initially offering to compensate only those who left between March 17 and March 21.

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