Michael Andretti sets out his F1 team’s goal

Michael Andretti says he wants to develop American drivers for a “legitimate shot” in F1 if his bid to establish the 11th team from the 2024 season is successful. The veteran race team owner says he wants to make sure drivers across the United States get real opportunities in the sport.

Addressing the Motorsport Networkhe said:

“We want to be an American team that wants to develop American drivers for the future. We want to pave the way for F1. And we would know that they are going to get a legitimate chance. there full of fuel and they don’t know it, that kind of thing.

Andretti’s bid to create a new team is currently in limbo, following opposition from existing teams on the grid who are unwilling to let an additional player “dilute their stakes” in the sport.

One of the main selling points of Andretti’s entry into the sport was his enormous influence in the United States and North America as a whole. With their decades of experience in various motorsport categories, Andretti could help the sport take a firm foothold on the continent, at a time when FOM is struggling to do so.

If F1 wants to take full advantage of all the breakthroughs it has made in the United States, it needs an American driver. The best shot for an American driver is with @FollowAndretti.It would be a shame if F1 didn’t allow Andretti. https://t.co/mLyHDmt5Yw

Despite this, team bosses such as Red Bull’s Christian Horner are more keen on offering American riders opportunities to build support in the United States rather than adding a team from home.

Andretti, however, countered Horner’s arguments and felt that only an American team could provide the sport a legitimate chance for the country’s drivers. He added saying:

“I want to make sure that we can get the kids out of the karts and give them the path, and if they’re good enough they’ll hopefully go to Formula 1, and we’ll have the team to do that. “There’s nobody out there doing that. That’s where we want to be. There really isn’t a legitimate route for an American driver to get into F1. There just isn’t one.” .

Andretti pledges to bring IndyCar star Colton Herta to F1

Michael Andretti believes rising IndyCar driver Colton Herta deserves to be in F1 and hopes to bring the young American into the sport if his bid to create a new team is successful. He said:

“[Colton Herta] should be in F1 right now, he has that talent, but they ran out of money so they came back to the States. So he went [the IndyCar] itinerary.”

The next American F1 driver? @ColtonHerta breeze in the paddock this morning. Ideal for chatting and catching up. He will test for McLaren later this season. One of Indycar’s top talents, but always dreamed of racing in F1. Lando gives it an incredibly high rating. https://t.co/2prIfbwdZb

When Michael Andretti attempted to take over Sauber-led Alfa Romeo operations last season, Herta was seen as the prime candidate to make a jump to F1 from IndyCar.

Since that deal collapsed, Herta’s name has been making the rounds elsewhere, with rumors suggesting he could replace Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren next season.

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