Modere partners with Alfa Romeo F1 ORLEN Team

Lively and clean lifestyle brand Modere recently announced a partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN for the 2022 Formula 1 racing season. The two are also expected to leverage their strong brands for co-branding opportunities. .

“This partnership is a natural fit for Modere and Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, two recognized global brands exemplifying excellence and innovation that share a commitment to supporting the endurance, conditioning and mental focus essential to participant performance. We look forward to prominently sharing the Modere clean health and wellness brand directly with racing fans around the world and supporting the Alfa Romeo F1 ORLEN Team during the 2022 season,”said Asma Ishaq, CEO of Modere.

Modere’s portfolio of science-backed clean lifestyle products includes beauty and personal care, nutrition, and housewares products that are clinically validated, US EPA Safer Choice, EWG Verified, and NSF approved Certified.

Keeping health and wellness on track

According to journal search Sports​, race car drivers are classified as athletes. “They are skilled in driving racing cars, possess physical strength, agility, endurance and participate in competitions. The sport is physically demanding, exposing athletes to vibration, high temperatures and long hours of riding.

The report noted that the physical demands and physiological stresses on drivers can be compared to those placed on other athletes such as football, basketball and baseball players.

“They have a similar peak rate of oxygen consumption (VO2 max values) and physical activity ratio requiring the development of various physical abilities and optimal physical fitness. Being in optimal shape requires a multidisciplinary approach including nutritional considerations. This must meet the demands of motorsport, such as maintaining a low body weight without low energy availability, maintaining energy supply during races and restoring whatever is needed between races,”noted the authors.

“Like Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN, Modere is a company with a culture rooted in innovation. We are proud to display the Modere logo on our vehicles this year and appreciate the support during another highly anticipated racing season,”​ Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN.

The F1 season will start in Bahrain on March 20 and end in Abu Dhabi on November 20. Miami will host the first race in the United States in May.

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