More Than P89-B MPBF Fund Wanted by Marcos admin │ GMA News Online

The Marcos administration has proposed over 89 billion pesos for the Miscellaneous Benefits Fund (MPBF) in 2023.

As indicated in the National Expenditure Program 2023the government is requesting 89,041,479,000 pesos for the MPBF, which will be used “for the payment of various social benefits to or on behalf of national government officials and employees”.

Its special provisions include the payment of employee benefits, which “shall be used for deficiencies in authorized salaries, bonuses, allowances, associated bonuses and other similar benefits of national government personnel, including the needs of the services of the staff for filling and creating positions as may be authorized by law, the President of the Philippines or the DBM (Department of Budget and Management.)

A legal defense fund, on the other hand, is allocated to have 200 million pesos. The amount, according to the NEP 2023, will be used for actual expenses, including the payment of premiums for the deposit of bonds and the cash advance for the expenses of officials and employees of departments, offices and offices, in connection with the defense of administrative and civil cases. , or criminal proceedings instituted against them before the courts for acts committed in the exercise of their effective functions.

Under the proposed budget, a total of Pula 65,306,448,000 is allocated for funding requirements for staff changes and salary increases, while Pula 13,259,139,000 has been allocated for funding requirements for vacant jobs.

The proposed MPBF fund of over 89 billion pesos is higher than the 27 billion pesos allocated in 2022.

GMA News Online asked the Office of the Press Secretary and the Department of Budget and Management about the huge budget jump and where Malacañang intends to spend the amount.

Publicist Trixie Cruz-Angeles said, “No information pa po. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” —Anna Felicia Bajo/RSJ, GMA News

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