NewCo Capital Group is paying special bonuses after maintaining full salaries and benefits during the difficult and ongoing pandemic.

In December 2020, CNBC reported that a MagnifyMoney survey found that about 1 in 3 full-time workers have taken a pay cut due to the coronavirus pandemic. NewCo estimates that not only have most companies not paid any special bonuses to their employees, but some capital providers have unfortunately imposed pay cuts of at least 10% on their already underpaid staff.

Albert Gahfi, CEO of NewCo, said, “We founded NewCo to promote a sustainable financing solution for small business owners while providing greater opportunities for our employees and contractors. Newco’s delivery of this promise is consistent with this mission and we are proud of it. to be a citadel in these difficult times. Our values ​​and corporate culture continue to guide us and NewCo will continue to deliver an exceptional product and maintain its position and influence as the industry’s preferred merchant cash advance provider.

About NewCo Capital Group, LLC

NewCo Capital Group is an Alternative Finance company specializing in MCA Bridge-Capital. As a preferred vendor, the company is focused on promoting growth within the small and medium enterprise (SME) ecosystem. We are passionate about providing quick and easy access to capital for small businesses to help them grow, scale and create jobs. Our technology, proprietary methods and vast experience are what set us apart, allowing us to maintain our competitive edge and continue to deliver value to our merchants and employees.

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