Nikita Mazepin: My dad could turn an F1 team into gold



Nikita Mazepin suggested that if his father Dmitry bought a Formula 1 team, he would turn it into “gold” like his other businesses.

Haas brought Mazepin jnr to their team for 2021 as part of rookie training alongside Mick schumacher, and with it came a big sponsorship package from Dmitry’s Uralkali company.

There have long been rumors that Mazepin senior is looking to increase his presence in Formula 1 by outright buying a team, possibly even Haas.

Nikita says all of her father’s plans have been successful, so hinting that a Formula 1 business would be no different.

“It would be an interesting option for him. He made everything he started with gold, ”said Nikita Sport Bild.

“But I am very loyal to Haas. So if he bought a squad it would be exciting to see how they fight and hopefully beat him.

So does that mean he wouldn’t join a team owned by his father?

Nikita explained that this was certainly not the case, given that Haas was comfortably supporting the Formula 1 standings, but reaffirmed his loyalty to the team.

“I wouldn’t rule him out,” he replied when asked if he would join a team owned by his father.

“I’m currently part of a team that is 10th out of 10 in the constructors’ championship. But I said I’m loyal. I want to be successful with Haas.

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Since he brought a big budget with him in Formula 1, it has led to the inevitable scrutiny of Mazepin as he struggles to prove he should be in Formula 1 on merit.

He certainly thinks he’s earned his place on the grid, rather than just getting a seat with the money.

“I have my place because I am a racing driver and the team sees me as an asset,” said Mazepin.

“The reason for the sponsorship is that the company sees Formula 1 as an opportunity for new business. I am the only Russian driver and of course a Russian company will always want to invest in a team that has a compatriot.

Interestingly, Mazepin is still studying at the same time as Formula 1 and therefore he says that “his life will not really start until after Formula 1”, in which case he hopes to work his way to the top in the direction of the company. .

“Despite motorsport, my father never let me finish school. I am currently the only driver still studying alongside, ”revealed Mazepin.

“I have finished my bachelor’s degree, now I’m going to start my master’s degree. My life will not really begin until after Formula 1. I am convinced that one day you will see me running a great company.

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