Revealed: The country with the most expensive Big Mac in the world

The price of a Big Mac can swing more wildly than cryptocurrency around the world, but it has now been revealed which country boasts the most expensive.

And given its ranking in the countries with the highest cost of living, that might not come as a huge surprise.

Yes, Switzerland is the country asking the highest figure for the Maccy D’s flagship sandwich, at £5.21.

And that’s the solo burger, without fries or drink.

Last year, Switzerland ranked as the second most expensive country to live in, just behind Bermuda, although with high employment rates and higher salaries, this figure is quite proportionate.

According to stats researched by Merchant Cash Advance, second place is Norway, where a Big Mac will set you back £4.66, and where VAT is also higher on restaurant meals than in the UK at 25% .

Third is Sweden at £4.59, then the home of the Big Mac, the US, in fourth place at £4.18, followed by Canada in fifth place at £3.93.

In the UK, the cost of a Big Mac is currently £3.19.

By comparison, the world’s cheapest Big Mac is in India, where it’ll cost you just £1.20, followed by Lebanon where it’s £1.31, then Russia, where it’s £1.34 .

The Economist magazine has actually run a Big Mac index since 1986, comparing the prices of the iconic burger around the world, to rank purchasing power parity, or PPP.

Currently, the fastest country where you can earn money to buy a Big Mac is Hong Kong, where on average it will take someone 8.6 minutes.

Next is Luxembourg at 10.3 minutes, then Japan at 10.4 minutes, Switzerland at 10.6 minutes and the United States at 10.7 minutes.

The countries where it takes the longest to win the Big Mac prize are Kenya (172.6 minutes), the Philippines (87.5 minutes), Mexico (78.4 minutes), Indonesia ( 66.7 minutes) and Egypt (62.5 minutes).

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