Russell thanks Williams as team changes two gearboxes and one engine in 24 hours


Summary: George Russell was able to participate in qualifying for the Grand Prix de Mexico after a quick job by his Williams crew to replace several parts of his FW43B.

In short

Russell: “It seemed unlikely that we would succeed in qualifying”

Despite qualifying 13th, Russell said that “all things considered it was a good session” because at one point it looked like he might not be able to make it.

“Within 24 hours, the mechanics changed two gearboxes and an engine,” he explains. “At one point it seemed unlikely that we would be able to fully qualify so that would have meant a pit lane start. While we’re at it, the guys did a great job, we got out, got into Q2.

Russell is set to start the 16th Mexico Grand Prix after a five-place penalty for one of the gearbox replacements, which he described as “a good spot”.

The rear locking caused the Q2 barrier brush from Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi said his brief collision with a TecPro barrier during Q2, from which he was able to pull away, was due to losing control of the rear of his car.

“I just locked the rear under braking,” he explained. “I think it was a good lap so far. Not for Q3 but for P11. But I locked the back and lost the back in the corner.

Still, Giovinazzi said he expected to start the Mexico City Grand Prix “from a pretty good position” and with a much needed scoring chance. “With all the penalties we’re starting P12 so I think so we can still do it,” he said. ” We will see tomorrow.

Alonso throws red flag after first quarter exit

Alonso dropped out in the first quarter

Fernando Alonso said the red flag caused by Lance Stroll early in qualifying cost him his best chance to reach Q2.

“The first lap before the red flag was very quick,” he said. “It was like a 17.7 which was enough to get through Q1. But unfortunately that didn’t matter at the time.

“Then we chose to do only one run, as a team. We were the only team with a run, and I don’t know if that was too optimistic, but that’s how it is.

Davidson ends his racing career

Former BAR, Minardi, Honda and Super Aguri F1 driver and Mercedes F1 simulator driver Anthony Davidson has retired from racing, following the conclusion of this year’s World Endurance Championship.

Davidson started 24 grand prix between 2002 and 2008, but never finished in the top 10. He continued to drive in sports car races until this year, when he announced he would end. his competitive career after his last race in LMP2 for Jota Sport.

He took the checkered flag second in his class with teammates Antonio Felix da Costa and Roberto Gonzalez in yesterday’s final at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Former Williams-Toyota driver and three-time Le Mans winner Kazuki Nakajima also parted ways with Toyota’s WEC hypercar program, following the end of the 2021 WEC season.

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