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One of the biggest challenges facing science students in Class 11 and Class 12 is managing board and entrance exam preparation side by side. The pandemic has only added to their problems. Here are some suggestions that would better prepare students to take entrance exams like NEET and JEE without disrupting their preparation for the Board exam.

Program: Students should understand that the course for the Council and the entrance exams is the same. Only the level of the questions varies. While the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books are sufficient for the Council exams, they do require additional practice for entry. Students preparing for NEET should have heard the importance of the NCERT textbook before, almost everything in the NEET exam can be attempted if you have read and understood the NCERT books line by line.

Exam template: CBSE changed its board exam model in 2020 and now multiple choice questions (MCQs) and assertion reason questions are part of the CBSE curriculum. Not only does this favor the student who has conceptual knowledge, but also helps him to practice on the model of the next entrance exams. However, there is no negative rating on Board reviews. And some other boards still have a theory-based exam template.

Twin challenges

Now, how can students work together to prepare for board and entrance exams?

Covering the NCERT examples, the intext and back exercise questions should be the first priority for both exams. At the entrance exam, any theoretical or numerical question can be transformed into a multiple choice question. The NCERT books have been designed to give you a concise exposition of every type of question that can be asked from a given chapter. But it’s important to understand that you will rarely find a direct question from NCERT.

So, once you have satisfactorily answered all of the NCERT questions, it is important to pick up the workbook for the exam you are preparing. You should always start by practicing the tests of the last 10 years for any exam – Board, NEET or JEE.

If you have difficulty understanding previous year’s questions or NCERT concepts, you need a refresher to help you study topics in simplified language with thematic questions.

How to master the class 12 course for the entrance exam?

If you are preparing for class 12 boards, you can only collaborate on your class 12 topics with the entrance exam. Since it has been a year since you passed Class XI, you might feel less confident in these topics. The plan should therefore be to concentrate only on the subjects of class 12 until the examination of the Council. As soon as the counseling is completed, you will need to prepare a crash course for the subjects of class XI. Follow the same pattern – NCERT first, last year’s paper second, and upgrade if necessary.

It is therefore important to understand that this time is precious and that when you are already preparing for your Council exams, a little extra effort can also prepare you for the next entrance exam simultaneously.

(The author is an educator)


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