These are the reactions of the drivers and team managers after the Silverstone sprint race


This weekend, the second sprint race of the season is scheduled. After the spectacular sprint race at Silverstone, won by Max Verstappen, the format will be tested for the second time at Monza. What were the reactions of the drivers and team owners after the first sprint race?

Many drivers were positive. Verstappen, for example, loved lighter cars and quickly discovered the secret formula for success. “What’s important is to try to get a good start, to have a good first lap and of course to try to make your way, you know, and keep up with your pace. i tried to do, which i was thinking before i got in the car. Of course if it works it’s great. I don’t think much changes in the end.

Alonso and Vettel also happy with the first sprint race

Verstappen was not alone in praising the new format, which was first tested in Britain. Alonso sees increased entertainment for fans through sprint racing. “The long stints in practice could be very important for the teams and the drivers, but not for the people,” he said.

His generational rival Sebastian Vettel was happy too, but had to get used to it. “It was a bit strange because it was by far the shortest race in recent years for me, but it’s not bad. I’m sure people loved it. I think it’s better. than watching free practice. “

And then there was Lando Norris, who had a lot of fun during qualifying and the sprint races.“I had a lot of fun on Friday. To be in qualifying after just one practice session is pretty cool. It’s also a test. Not just for us as riders, but also for the engineers. We owe everything. do it faster and we don’t have all day and night to perfect everything. “

Drivers and team leaders also less enthusiastic

It wasn’t quite coincidence the people who ended up on the wrong side of the coin in the sprint race. For example, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, saw Hamilton’s pole position lost in the very first corner of the sprint race.

“There shouldn’t be a race for pole, but the other way around I could say the same about qualifying. If you lose the race from pole it’s irritating. not see every race. I think there are also a lot of random ones. I think if we do five races this way, that’s all for that. “

Finally, Sergio Perez, who crashed during the sprint race, which means he might forget about his race a day later.“You can’t prepare for anything. You can’t prepare for the sprint and you can’t prepare much for the race. Everyone is saving miles.”

In short: the reactions have been mixed. There is still a lot of work to be done to perfect it, something that can start this weekend at Monza.

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