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(Left to Right) Daniel Cruz, Suspension Manager, Eddie Park, Project Manager, Kevin Estrada, Energy Training Worker stand next to the race car in the Engineering & Computer Science building. (Paul Magdaleno / Daily Titan)

The Titan Racing Formula team are racing for the rest of the year as they continue to work on their car.

Besides being a club for subclasses, the work on the car is also a senior design project for seniors majoring in mechanical engineering. The club is known as a legacy team that has been around since 2007.

While most students will be resting after the upcoming finals week, the team will continue to work through the winter break. This year’s team was put together before the end of spring 2021, started around June and will continue to work until May.

This all leads to the big competition which will take place in Michigan in May 2022. For the seniors, it is a reward for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

Kevin Estrada, one of the seniors, is working on power training.

“It’s a never-ending process, but we use this process to make something work. So it takes a lot of hours, but at the end of the day it will be worth it to see something creative based just on our ideas, ”said Estrada. “That’s pretty cool honestly.”

Formula Titan Racing Team

The Formula Titan Racing team will compete next May in Michigan. (Paul Magdaleno / Daily Titan)

At present, the car is about 30% complete. Over the next month, they hope to start seeing improvements and keep making progress towards the final product. Then they will start to meet with local Formula Society of Automotive Engineers teams to organize friendly competitions to test the performance of the car.

The main focus of the car is on how it behaves and behaves rather than its speed. It focuses on how the car turns, when it accelerates and when it brakes. Although the car has a maximum power of 75 mph, only one of the competitions the team usually participates in focuses on speed, while the others focus on driving the car.

“Even though we are building a race car, this project is a mechanical engineering project first, then a race car project last. So we’re focusing more on the technical side, on how things work, on how the vehicle behaves in certain situations, and we’re trying to get around that problem, ”said Eddie Park, project manager and team worker. suspension.

The COVID pandemic has also affected the team, with some competitions being phased out. The team itself has been cut in half, from 20 to 25 usual people to just 12, Estrada said.

Daniel Cruz, responsible for the team’s suspension, said he was delighted to see what the team can do.

“This year, coming out of COVID, building a whole new car from the ground up. This is probably the motivation I want to see. It keeps me here and other than that the aspect of the team this year is pretty good, keeps us going and moving forward, ”said Cruz.

While mostly engineers, anyone interested in cars or engineering is also welcome, Estrada said.


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