“Too many responsibilities for freestyle”


Toto Wolff is not a fan of the current sprint racing format. The Mercedes team boss has said on several occasions that he considers the second free practice session in its current format to be rather pointless, given that the cars are already in parc fermé after the qualifying session on Friday after -midday. According to the top Austrian man, there is a lot to think about how to proceed.

Continuing to experiment is not an option

Wolff is not in favor of continuing to experiment with new ideas. “So whatever conclusion we draw, together, the teams, the FIA, the FOM and the F1 Commission, whether we stop or continue, we have to do it with a fine comb. I don’t think those are the regulations we should try [to hit] with a baseball bat. We have too many responsibilities for our sport to just do freestyle with the regulatory changes. “

Several options have been launched over the past week to make an F1 weekend even more appealing. Some changes to the sprint racing format have already been suggested, while Ferrari came up with the idea of ​​an inverted grid. “” But some of the suggestions that have been made are just confusing, “ Wolff is clear in conversation with Motorsport.com.

What should Formula 1 do if, after Brazil, it turns out that there is too little enthusiasm for sprint racing in its current form in 2022? “” Start Friday afternoon with FP1, do FP2 on Saturday morning, do conventional qualifying like we do, and a fantastic grand prize on Sunday. Maybe you want to do a little warm up on Sunday morning, to add a little more spectacle for people. In any case, I would just shorten the free practice sessions so that there is more variability in the results, but I would keep the rest as is “, Wolff ends.

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