Truck parking in town in Chingola



A worried Chingola resident is dismayed that heavy trucks are parked in town overnight and also moving around the central business district during the day.

He said in a statement to The Independent Observer that trucks tend to park on sidewalks, which is a danger.

“We have a lot of empty construction sites in Mwaiseni and lots outside of town where these trucks can park. Let our local Chingola businesses be empowered by having these trucks parked in these yards. “

“Tuckers think it’s okay to park their trucks in town, pay nothing for parking, use the restrooms at local nightclubs and cook outside. They put a lot of lives at risk, some of these trucks carry very dangerous goods, ”he said.

He lamented that trucks can shorten the life of newly built roads in the city.

And the mayor of Chingola, Titus Tembo, said the council was erecting road signs in the CBD to discourage truckers from parking their trucks in town.

Mr Tembo called on truckers to stop parking in the CBD as there are designated places to park trucks.

He said the council does not preserve the anarchy that is on display, which has further entrenched other vices such as prostitution, especially in the Mwaiseni area.

The mayor alleged that once the chants are installed, anyone who does not follow the law will be charged.


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